Grimm's | Natural Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy

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Grimm's Natural Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy from Grimm's Spiel and Holz.
In gorgeous, natural timber, it's the perfect piece to add some warmth and character to any child's room or playroom.It can be stacked as a rainbow, splayed out, used as a bridge, stacked in other imaginative ways, used as a tunnel for cars (and even little people!), the possibilities are endless.

At 36cm wide, this is the striking, large version of the Wooden Rainbow Toy (often referred to as extra large). It looks fabulous on a shelf in the nursery or a child's bedroom. It consists of 12 pieces of beautiful alder wood or lime wood, carefully completed with a non-toxic, plant-based oil finish.

Please note being natural timber, any of our rainbows could show prominent wood grain and knots.

Being hand-finished, each of Grimm's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping and paint finishes. Please note they are not varnished.