Auris | Diatonic 12 Tone Block Glockenspiel

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An Auris glockenspiel is a magnificent instrument designed both for those musically inclined and those who have an appreciative ear. Their sound is harmonious and delightful and this piece makes the most splendid gift. 

This glockenspiel has 12 whole notes 'c' '-d' '-e' '-f' '-g' '-a' '-h' '-c' '-d' 'e' is a semi-advanced fully tuned glockenspiel. This glockenspiel can be used at home, for school music or professional use and can be used in combination with other orchestral instruments.

Recommended for children 3 years+ (under adult supervision) 

The glockenspiel measures 20cm approx and comes with one wooden and one rubber mallet.

Made in Sweden from European maple wood and keys are a special brass alloy.

The 'h' in this image is a hard 'b'. Models will be fitted with either a 'h' or a 'b' engraved on the key. Both letters make the same sound.